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3 Unique Eccentric Exercises for Overhead Mobility

I think sometimes we forget that good old eccentric training can be an effective way to gain mobility.  It’s a well studied phenomenon and under utilized tool in my opinion.  A couple reasons why

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How to Assess Overhead Mobility: Part 3

This month’s Insiders webinar is part 3 in our discussion on improving overhead mobility.  One major issue we tackle are sets, reps, frequency, duration and intensity.  One thing I’ve never understood

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The Missing Key to Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt

If you’re a therapist or coach who regularly studies biomechanics you’ve undoubtedly heard of anterior pelvic tilt.  Anterior pelvic tilt (as shown in the featured image above) is when the

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6 Principles to Finally Fixing Your Overhead Mobility

Gaining new overhead mobility seems to be an elusive thing.  We all want it so we can snatch, kip and jerk like all-stars, however few seem to get there.  What gives?  In my experience gaining new motion

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Quick and Easy TFL (Tensor Fascia Latae) Assessment and Stretch

Hip extension has been a big theme of the past several posts so I figured I’d keep on riding that train.  This week we talk hip extension, iliopsoas and the TFL (tensor fascia latae).  These muscles

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3 Drills To Correct Muted Hip and Reduce Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Since we just went over extension low back pain earlier this week I felt like this would be a good topic for today because a muted hip can occur for the same reasons extension based low back pain occurs. A

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Is Weighted Mobilization for the Thoracic Spine a Bad Idea?

Foam rolling for the thoracic spine is a good intervention for improving thoracic spine motion.  I use it for myself, patients and athletes regularly.  However, should we be adding weight to the movement?

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You Should Foam Roll Your Thoracic Spine Properly

So I guess why I’m revisiting this topic is because I continue to see people who foam roll their thoracic spine incorrectly.  It’s such a powerful movement when done properly so I don’t

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3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Lat Stretches

We all know and love Lat stretches.  Heck I’m stretching my lats right now as I type this (impressive right?).  Lats are obviously a major muscle that can decrease your ability to bring your arms

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Which Ankle Mobility Drill is Best for Me?

Some time back I came out with this video showing an easy assessment for ankle mobility.  Ankle mobility is essential for technique during deep squats, pistols, lunge and step-up variations.  It’s

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The Definitive Article on Fixing the Pistol: Part 2 – Stability, Practice and Accessory Work

Probably not the first step in building a foundation for solid pistols. Steve Cotter is a monster by the way… Last week we spoke about mobility for the pistol.  Now that you’re all mobility

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The Definitive Article on Fixing the Pistol: Part 1 Mobility

The Pistol – World’s Dumbest Exercise? I’ve got a little secret.  I used to absolutely hate pistols.  I used to watch people who are good at them and just get mad.  How the heck do

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