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Which Ankle Mobility Drill is Best for Me?

Some time back I came out with this video showing an easy assessment for ankle mobility.  Ankle mobility is essential for technique during deep squats, pistols, lunge and step-up variations.  It’s

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4 Easy Progressions of the Short Foot to Provide Knee and Foot Pain Relief

Hey man, keep your foot short!  Fix your foot.  Arch up! Not the most common cues you hear in the gym. My super good buddy and co-host of the fitness pain free podcast Rob Rowland asked me one time,

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Ankle Mobility: A Small Twist to Make An Already Effective Exercise Better

Alright so we’ve all heard of the benefits of improving ankle mobility: Deeper, improved position in squats and pistols Improved tracking of the patella and knee position during movement Better

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Achilles Tendinopathy and Rupture – Practical Prevention Strategies for the Crossfit Population

We recently released a podcast episode with Pat Byrnes going in depth about Achilles Tendinopathy and Rupture.  If you missed it you can check it out HERE: Here’s a list of the key points we discussed

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