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How to Modify the Squat to Eliminate Painful Pinching Hips

So we’re 4 videos into our modification series:

  1. How to Modify Deadlifts for Lower Back Pain
  2. How to Modify Pull-ups for Painful Shoulders
  3. How to Modify Squats for Painful Knees and Lower Backs

In this video we talk squatting and hip pain telefonbuch kostenlos herunterladen.  Having some hip pain or “pinching” in the front of the hip is commonly thought of as normal tightness.  Well, Dr. Ryan Debell and myself tend to disagree herunterladen.  This “tightness” or pinch in the front of the hip could just be the hip running out of motion at the bottom of the squat and impinging structures in the front of the hip herunterladen.  Over time this can become painful.  Don’t let this happen to you!  In this video Ryan and I talk some easy modifications you can make on the spot to reduce this “tightness” and get squatting again pain free herunterladen.


Fixing the pinchy hip recap:

  • Modify your stance by trying more toe out and a wider stance
  • Modify your stance by normalizing pelvic position and lumbar curve
  • Modify depth of squat using a box
  • Modify the variation (Front squat over back squat)
  • Switch to single leg variations

So there you have it, super simple herunterladen.  Next time your athlete says they’re getting some pinching in the front of the hip when squatting you’ll know how to fix this.

Want to learn more about how you can systematically modify exercises for athletes in pain spotify auf samsung tv herunterladen?  Check out Dr. Debell and my online course.

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Still Talking Squats,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

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