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Low Back Disorders – Stuart McGill Book Review

LOW BACK Disorders – Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation Book Review

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Stuart McGill has built quite a name for himself over the years.  It seems that in the past few years he’s really built a large following in the personal training, sports performance and fitness fields.  LOW BACK Disorders is no joke. That’s for sure.  He isn’t lying when he says this is evidence based.  Every page is packed to the brim with research and flows from topic to topic utilizing scientific research to guide his thoughts and opinions.

The book is more of a text book really.  It is not an easy read and it was meant for the clinician, not the average back pain patient.  The book is set up in an easy to follow approach.  McGill goes over in depth:

  • Issues in Back Pain cause, Rehab and Prevention
  • What the research says about back pain.
  • Anatomy of the Spine
  • Injury Mechanics of the spine
  • The truth about spinal stability
  • Assessing injury risk
  • Reducing risk of injury
  • Low Back Rehabilitation

Interesting facts that this book brought up to me were:

  • Psychological problems do play a role in back pain but a resolution of back symptoms generally resolves any psychological problems, not the other way around.
  • Loading the spine with exercise in the morning increases your risk of a disc herniation due to hydration of spinal discs overnight
  • Attempting to lift a heavy load after being in a period of prolonged flexion (slouching in the low back) increases your risk of injury
  • Low back and abdominal endurance, not strength can predict your likelihood of having future back pain.
  • Hamstring flexibility is not linked to your risk of low back injury (atleast in the military population)
  • Rehabilitation can not always be accomplished in 6 to 12 weeks, rehab of certain tissues can take years.

If you’re a clinician, personal trainer or patient who wishes to truly understand back pain, then this book is for you.  If you’ve got some back pain yourself, but are not as interested in the scientific literature and science behind it all, you might want to check out McGill’s other book.  Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance.

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