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Kipping Pullups at Crossfit HQ

Kipping Pullup roundtableI just came back from a very exciting two day trip to crossfit headquarters in Santa Cruz California.  Russell Berger from Crossfit Inc. sent me an email asking if I’d like to be part of a roundtable discussion on kipping pullups.  It’s part of a crossfit segment entitled “offline” where several topics related and unrelated to crossfit are discussed.  

My response…  Hell yes!  A week later crossfit treated me to a trip out to sunny california for a bit of fun and discussion.  The panel that came out to speak was filled with studs:

  • David Durante – Formerly a member of team USA gymnastics
  • Carl Paoli – One of my favorite sources for gymnastics coaching, also an excellent former gymnast
  • Jacob Tsypski – Owner of Crossfit Monterey.  Contributor to Juggernaut Training Systems
  • Special guest: Dan Bailey

Over the two days we had some great conversation and fun.  Overall I was very pleased and am excited to have hopefully sparked some interest in this controversial exercise.  I had a chance to meet several members of crossfit who I’ve seen only online and I was a bit star struck.

Well, I’m tired and ready for bed.  I just wanted to post something for the week and fill you in on why I didn’t have any new material.  I’ll post the video once it’s up!  Thanks for everyone for the support over the years.

Dan Pope

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