It begins..

Hey all. I wanted to make one of these blog guys because like everyone else I think I’ve got some cool stuff to share. I also suck at writing and would like to get a little better at it.

Uhh, I love to exercise. Been doing it my whole life. I also find myself competing in activities and sports that tend to take a backburner to bigger more popular sports and activities.

My latest thing is crossfit and Im looking forward to this year’s crossfit games. I won a national championship in strongman last year. You can check out the video here. my other videos you can find there too.

Love eating too. I spend a lot of time cooking and grocery shopping. Im a self proclaimed health nut. I read all the books, try all the diets.

I work as a personal trainer and sports performance specialist at two different gyms in New Jersey and find my job very fulfilling. I watch The Jersey Shore every day and pump my fist to every song I hear.

Read my blog.

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