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I’m gettin fat!

Well, past week has been a whole bunch of lounging and eating poorly! Exactly what you expect to see from me I know. Today I spent quite a bit of time rearming myself with good foods to be eaten greedily soon.

5/16/2011 – Mike Baturin is back in the mix training at the llama barn. Pretty amped he pretty much lost no strength after not training for the entire winter.

Dynamic Warmup

Axle Bench Press
35 x 10
125 x 5
175 x 5
215 x 3
235 x 2
265 x 2
285 x 2
305 x 2
320 x 2 – New best


Clothing optional gym, and you thought they didn’t exist.

Bench vs chains – +60lbs at top
175 x 6
215 x 6
245 x 4

SS w/pullups
45lbs x 6
90lbs x 6
70lbs x 4

Rope Climbs / Cable Curl / Farmer’s Shrug

My fork is my weapon of choice… and ya I ate the calculator too.

raw milk
Eggs w/beef lard

Salad w/olive oil and veggies
Raw cheese

6:00 – BCAA and water

8:00 – shake
2 bananas
2 cups raw milk
shredded coconut

11:00 pm
Salad w/dressing and cheese
Chicken drums sticks

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