I ate 9 bananas today - FITNESS PAIN FREE

I ate 9 bananas today

Dan Mcman battle of the badass, log press

Man, good day today. Lightheaded and dizzy. This heat is great!

Dynamic Warmup

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 2
435 x 2
485 x 1
495 x 7 – PR belt on + straps, touch and go.


Farmers Walk

Worked up to 300lbs/hand. Barely picked it. Super shot from the deads and my grip sucks from using straps lately. Beat.

Sled arm over arm drag 60′ / reverse drag 60′
500 x 1
660 x 1
760 x 1 – happy with these. Was feeling exhausted here though.

I might deload some time soon. My back has been feeling great but I think if I keep pushing it I’ll run into some trouble. This 3 days per week stuff has been working great. I’ve eased back on any high intensity warmups. Started walking on off days for the heart. Lifts are all going up fast. My bodyweight is climbing slowly but steadily. With the extra weight I’m starting to feel an achilles tendonitosis coming on a bit on my left ankle/calf. Really stretching and rolling my calves because I’m deathly afraid of pulling something. Hammy was bugging me last week but it feels great now! Been drinking coffee before my sessions again. Crazy how much of an edge that gives me.

good eats:
5 bananas
2 cups whole milk
8 TBSP coconut oil
Blend it up, put it down.

6 eggs
Swiss chard, garlic, mushrooms
Bacon lard for the cooking
1 banana

2 bananas
brians hummus and carrots(shit is great)

6:00 pm – 20g BCAA and water

8:30 – feel like I’m going to pass out. Had another banana – PR
Black Berries
vegetable concoction with chicken breast
Olive Oil
Plantains in coconut oil

11:00 or whenever I eat
Crock Pot london broil cooked with tomato sauce, garlic and lots of herbos from my mom and dad’s garden. getting near 5k calories every day for the past few weeks now. This diet nonsense really helps.

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