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How to Use Tempo Training for Performance and Rehabbing Injuries

It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV wie kann man lieder von youtubeen. This week we talk about a very powerful tool called tempo training. Tempo training is basically emphasizing one portion of a given lift. This can be during the concentric (or lifting pause) or eccentric (lowering phase) phase of a given lift music on samsung s6. We can also add pauses to the mix to emphasize specific parts of a lift (let’s say the bottom of a squat for example).

These lifts are phenomenal for a variety of reasons but they can be used to your benefit from a strengthening perspective and also have a ton of use in the rehab world as well microsoft 2010 kostenlos.

In this episode we go over:

  • Breaking down concentrics vs. eccentrics vs. isometrics
  • Why tempo sets are phenomenal for rehabilitation
  • How tempos can build the bottom of your squat
  • How tempos are great for improving exercise technique
  • How to perform tempo lifts
  • How tempo lifts can prevent injury

That’s it powerpoint foil sdesign download for free! Hopefully now you can see just how beneficial tempo lifts are for both performance and rehabilitation from injury. If you enjoyed today’s episode and want to support us and learn more please head over to our youtube page and hit that “subscribe” button to give us a follow whatsapp latest version. We’ll see you on the next episode!

Always watch your tempo,


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