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How to Train With Knee Pain (Part 1)

It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV. Last week we went over manipulating programming variables for strength and rehab. Make sure you check that one out if you haven’t already.

Today’s talk we go over one of my favorite topics, knee pain! Knee pain can be a big issue when you’re trying to training the lower body. Squats, olympic lifts and single leg strength can be a no go if your knees are painful enough. If we understand a few important principles we can actually continue training and rehab back to full force. in this episode we go over:

  • What are the most common knee injuries in the gym?
  • What are the differences between different types of knee injuries?
  • What variables create more stress in the knee during squats and single leg exercises?
  • How do we modify squatting technique for knee pain?
  • How do we modify lunge technique for knee pain?
  • How to pick the right training exercise for the day to continue working towards your goals and to get that knee out of pain

Check it out in the video below!

So there it is. Hopefully after watching this video you now have some ideas of how you can modify training for knee pain to keep working towards your goals in a smart manner. As always, if you enjoyed today’s content then please head over to our youtube page and subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends!

My knees feel better already,


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