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How to Train Safely for a Triathlon

How to Train Safely for a Triathlon

Taking part in a triathlon is one of the most physically demanding things that you can do. Your fitness levels will need to be exceptionally high to endure three different disciplines in immediate succession of one another, which means a lot of training will need to be done over a long period of time. Training is only part of preparing for a triathlon. Your diet will need to change so that you can fuel your training effectively, and you can easily find triathlon training nutrition guides to help.

Your training should begin well in advance of the event, as this will allow you to get into suitable shape and not over exert yourself. Each week you should be training with swimming, riding and running.  Aiming to train for each activity twice a week is a good start, but it is essential that you have a day off for recovery during the week. This recovery period is as important as the training, as your body needs time to restore itself. When training for each discipline you should also train in proportionate amounts to the distances in the race.

Once your body becomes used to this training you can introduce brick sessions. These are where you do two disciplines back to back, and although this will be a real struggle at first, you will soon find your fitness levels improving, which will allow you to perform well in the race. As the race day approaches you should find yourself capable of doing these brick sessions as well as all 3 disciplines at a slow pace.

Gear to Aid your Performance

You will also want to train with all the right gear, so that you are used to it once the race rolls around. The most important investment will be the wetsuit, and you can find ones that can aid your performance with coatings to reduce water drag and downward zips for quick exits. For wetsuits like this and more triathlon gear you will need to shop at action sport specialists, including places like High Octane Sport and others.

Following these training tips will see you get into shape quickly and in time get used to performing disciplines back to back. It is essential that you get your rest days and you should always listen to your body, and when you do this it should see you well prepared to compete in this very demanding race type.

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