How to Make Beef Jerky and Trail mix

How to Make Your Own Healthy Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Let’s get Beefy where to books!

I’ve always been a huge fan of beef jerky growing up.  Slim Jims, beef jerky, count me in.  Trouble is that processed, preservative laden grain fed beef ain’t the best for your health.  Well, through a bit of trial and error I’ve been able to come up with a tasty little home made version that blows the doors off of most store bought jerkies Downloading mms does not work.

I also am a big fan of making my own trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.  Here’s a recent delicious concoction I made for myself and my girlfriend during a week long camping trip os x 10.8 kostenlosen.

Step 1:  Select your meat

  • Something that is LEAN – fatty meats will spoil faster.  Eye Roast, London Broil are good cuts
  • Grass-fed is best.  I was borderline obsessed (Ok I was obsessed) with figuring out the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed.  You can read my findings HERE:
  • Venison works excellent here, venison tends to be very lean and quite gamey.  Covering it with spices and turning it into jerky makes it taste great.
  • I ended up using a grass-fed round roast

Step 2: Cut the beef into small strips

Step 3: Cover the Beef copiously in spices

  • Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion Powder are the staples
  • Cayenne Pepper and red chili flakes if you are feeling spicy
  • I actually used some oregano in my last batch.  It actually tasted pretty good.  I figured, what the hell?  You only live once (YOLO!).
  • Keep in mind that if you’re going to be mixing this with trail mix you might want to have the spices complement the ingredients in your trail mix.
  • I threw a ton of spices into a bag with the spices to coat the meat evenly

Step 4: Lay the meat out on a Dehydrator

  • Most Dehydrators will finish drying the meat in 6-8 hours depending on how much your separate your meat on the drying trays and how thin you’ve cut the meat.  Careful, you can easily dry it too much.
  • My dehydrator fits about 1lb of meat cut up at a time and has 5 racks.
  • If you don’t have a dehydrator then you can dry your jerky in the oven at about 200 degrees for the same amount of time.

Step 5: Get Your Mix On!

Step 6: Eat that mess! 

I ended up keeping the beef jerky and trail mix separate because of the strange blend of spices I used not really complementing the trail mix, but they both tasted great.  Making a big batch of jerky and trail mix supplies a long lasting batch of healthy calories.  Just be careful because its very, very calorie dense!  Not the best for those looking to watch their weight. It’s also an easy meal for those on the go constantly (that’s pretty much everyone now a days huh?)

Also, there is quite a bit of leg work that goes into making the trail mix.  Steve Liberati has created an excellent line of on the go trail mix and beef jerky products that takes out all of the leg work that comes with enjoying healthy jerky and trail mix. What’s even better is that 15% of your purchase goes toward Steve’s Club National Program to help bring CrossFit, nutrition, and personal development to youth across the country.

I know Steve personally and have volunteered for his non-profit organization.  I can honestly say the money is going to a good cause.

You can learn more about Steve’s club and buy some beef jerky/paleokits HERE:

Give it a shot and let me know your favorite beef jerky recipes and trail mixes by commenting below.

Yours in Good Health,

Dan Pope

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