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How to Address Hip Shift in the Squat

It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV. In the last episode we went over “knee cave in” and whether or not this is a problem or a natural part of the squat. Kiefer and I got to talking and wanted to tackle a similar issue that we see during the squat, a hip shift.

If you’ve been coaching or training for long enough you’ve probably seen it. Someone descends into the bottom of the squat and they start to shift towards one side. Maybe they start to rotate a bit at the hips. Maybe this doesn’t occur in the bottom of the squat but as they’re coming out of the hole of the squat. They are a lot of flavors to this common issue.

In today’s episode we go over this common issue, whether or not it’s a problem and how to correct it if you believe it is an issue.

  • What does a hip shift look like in the squat?
  • What are the common causes of hip shift?
  • How can we tell what is causing a hip shift?
  • Is hip shift a bad thing, or just normal?
  • How to tell if someone has a mobility restriction
  • How to tell if someone has a technical issue
  • How to tell if someone has a a strength issue
  • How pain can create a hip shift
  • When it’s appropriate to change squat technique
  • Easy corrections for the hip shift
  • Which joints contribute to a hip shift

That’s it! Hopefully now you understand the hip shift better and how to address it in your own training and with your athletes.

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