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How Stress Causes Injury

Who doesn’t love an enormous amount of stress huh?  Too much going on at work, the dog pooped in the living room, 1 hour of traffic on a normal 15 minute commute, arguing about the dishes at night with your wife, new baby was up all last night?  Feels good right?  I know I love it pes 2018en.

The thing is, we need some stress in our lives to make a positive change.  Think of it this way.  If we don’t stress our bodies with a heavy enough load for enough sets and reps during a movement like a squat, we won’t ever improve.  We need some stress to get better whatsapp downloaden iphone 6.

So How Does Stress Cause Injury?

However, the total amount of stress our bodies can handle is NOT infinite (but can probably be increased substantially over time).  The other point is that stress comes in all forms that the body can not always differentiate between.  Stress from training and from a bad relationship all goes into the same bucket in your body (it’s actually much more complex then that but we’re simplifying things to make a point).  This is one of the reasons why it’s so tough to be a competitive athlete and have a thriving career and family simultaneously musik downloaden macbook pro.

Because of this we need to take total stress into consideration when developing optimal training programs for our athletes.  One of my favorite analogies comes from Jason Leydon (a very successful CrossFit Coach).  He’s uses a bank account analogy to explain this phenomenon.  Check it out below:

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