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How Prior Injury and Individual Difference Affect Risk of Injury

Unfortunately as human beings we tend to “collect” injuries as we age.  Of course we can rehabilitate back to full force but often times certain injuries tend to plague us and come back if we aren’t smart about our training.  Here are a few examples from my own “injury collection”.  I’ve had a prior injury from time to time that has shown me a bit about how much volume and total stress certain areas of my body enjoy and what they don’t enjoy (i.e herunterladen. what causes pain):

  • If I incorporate too high a volume of pressing (>2-3 x per week) my shoulders start getting a little cranky
  • If I incorporate too high a volume of squatting (>1-2 x per week) my left hip starts to become painful
  • If I stop training my calves 1-2 x per week my achilles starts hurting during running, jumping and hiking (and sometimes stupid activities like stairs)

So How Does Prior Injury and Individual Difference Affect Risk of Injury avast cleanup free download?

The thing is, everyone is a bit different as far as their injury history goes and what they’re able to handle from a volume and intensity standpoint.  Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about:

So now you can see that what is “optimal” for a given athlete will vary based on their prior injury and what their bodies can historically handle from a stress perspective.  Obviously over time you can improve your body’s capacity over time but again this will vary based on the individual.  If you’re constantly performing too much volume, getting hurt and then being set back again, you aren’t making optimal progress.  Learning from this vital principle will help you and your athletes continue making solid progress in the long haul.  Remember, the perfect program is the one that was designed for your own goals and your own individual differences kept in mind filme im browser downloaden.

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