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Hello friends of friends

Alpacas coming at ya.

Training 9/20/11 – Deload week

Dynamic warmup and hip/core prehab

Deadlift SS w/ 15 burpee box jumps
135 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5

Tire Flips
550 x 3
750 x 3
800 x 3 – started using tacky cloth here
900 x 3
1000 x 3 PR

Sand Bag Shoulder
210lbs x 8 in 1:35 – tiring! PR

Band Rotary punches x 10-15 / Human flag holds / Ring absaw

Felt great today. Deadlift still feels a little iffy, i hope this goes away soon. New bests on the sandbag and tire though

I changed up my eating a little bit recently. I took my calories down to 4,000 from 5,000. the routine is pretty much the same food wise though. I was getting a bit flabby!

I started doing some gymnastics stuff on off days and I’m having fun with it. I’ll try and post some stuff soon.

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