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FPF Podcast Episode 32 – Performance, Programming and Injury Prevention with Jason Leydon

IMG_0150Today on the show we’ve got Jason Leydon on the podcast netflix with mobile data.  Jason Leydon is the head crossfit coach and owner at Crossfit Milford in Connecticut.  Jason is the head coach for the professional fitness team, the Philly Founders and has a really smart approach to programming outlook 2013 gratisen nederlands.  Jason is also a proponent of the functional movement screen and recently attended a Selective Functional Movement Assessment seminar.

  • [2:24] Why we’ve got Jason on the show and Jason’s background
  • [6:51] Jason as the head coach of the fitness team Philly’s Founders
  • [8:45] Why is smart programming important herunterladen?
  • [14:15] How does programming change from the general population to high level athletes?
  • [17:07] How Jason incorporates injury prevention into his programming
  • [23:56] How important is volume management for performance and injury prevention outlook webmail?
  • [25:56] How do olympic lifts fit into your programming?
  • [28:10] Jason’s template for balance with lifts
  • [31:10] Should the general population be olympic weightlifting
  • [35:33] How does Jason perform assessments in his gym
  • [37:50] Jason’s experience with the Functional Movement Screen and challenges with screens in group settings
  • [40:10] How do we periodize over the course of the year for our athletes cut pattern free download bag?
  • [41:49] Jason on scapular stability
  • [43:44] Jason’s favorite and least favorite exercises
  • [50:10] How much time goes into writing great programming translator for free?
  • [51:53] The most important part of the show

Jason’s Gym Crossfit Milford

Power Monkey Fitness Camp

Paused Squats are Still Terrible Regardless of what Jason Says, 

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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