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FPF Podcast Episode 31: Diagnosing and Treating Running Injuries with Chris Johnson – Part 1

chris johnsonJoin us today as I interview physical therapist and running specialist Chris Johnson herunterladen.  Topics discussed are:

  • [4:14] Chris’s unique background as a physical therapist and athlete
  • [7:30] How promoting longevity in fitness through smarter training is vital
  • [9:24] One of the most critical mistakes runners make with training
  • [10:05] 90% of runners run at 90% intensity, 90% of the time and 90% get injured – whoa
  • [13:30] Chris’s current patient caseload and how he integrated running performance into his physical therapy practice
  • [16:20] What are the most common injuries seen in the running population herunterladen?
  • [17:15] The importance of a thorough subjective during your initial evaluation
  • [17:48] Chris’s assessment of an injured runner
  • [18:34] Staging and typing an injury – Where am I in the stages of rehab free euro truck simulator 2 full version?
  • [19:14] The importance of single leg balance
  • [19:57] Progression through the 1st ray and great toe
  • [20:30] Eccentric closed chain tolerance – The step-down test
  • [20:50] What’s frontal plane stability look like herunterladen?
  • [21:02] Can the patient properly hop?
  • [22:00] We are returning runners to running too quickly after injury
  • [22:44] How Chris progresses his runners back to running after injury
  • [24:10] Teaching runners decision making while running – when to push and when to stop immediately
  • [26:10] Chris’s favorite drills and progressions to enhance single leg stance

  • [29:48] How Chris teaches progression through the 1st ray

  • [32:52] Should we teach the short foot and can we actually teach a short foot leo app herunterladen?
  • [33:53] How to cue people most effectively
  • [35:18] How do we integrate more dynamic foot stability into our therapy once our patients have mastered static exercises (Single leg stance)
  • [37:20] Chris’s favorite closed chain eccentric exercises – The importance of weightlifting for runners herunterladen.  The runner’s “core four”

  • [39:17] How Chris checks frontal plane stability and then treats it – Single leg balance and hip abduction

  • [41:55] What does a typical running biomechanical analysis look like for Chris amazon prime video herunterladen laptop?  Should we be messing with our patient’s running mechanics?
  • [43:00] How and why rushing to biomechanical analysis can lead to failure
  • [44:40] A unique way Chris gets his patient to decrease stride length
  • [45:48] How do we pick the perfect shoe eine pfx-datei erstellen und herunterladen?
  • [49:08] How minimalist shoes change the stress on your foot and how age can be an important factor for shoe selection

Chris’s Website: http://chrisjohnsonpt.com/

Bruce Wilk’s site:  http://www.wilkpt.com/

That was a tremendous amount of excellent information, 

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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