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FPF Podcast Episode #29: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pain

FPF-BannerJoin Rob and I as we talk a bit about one of our favorite topics, pain:

  • [1:05] Dan and Rob catch up, Rob’s healing shoulder, Dan’s training and the crossfit open
  • [6:15] Introducing today’s topic – PAIN
  • [7:55] What is pain and why is it important herunterladen?
  • [10:40] What the hell is nociception and why should I care about it?
  • [12:15] How fear, anxiety and beliefs effect how much pain you experience
  • [14:30] Some interesting research showing how your thoughts, fears and anxieties can create pain when there is absolutely no damage going on in the body schriften gratis downloaden mac.
  • [16:35] Central and Local Sensitivity – 2 more reasons why different people experience different levels of pain with the same stimulus
  • [19:33] How pain and damage are not directly related herunterladen.  You can have pain without damage and damage without pain
  • [19:50] Study shows majority of major league pitchers have labral and rotator cuff damage without the associated pain and disability
  • [24:50] How your language used with your patients has a major impact on their rehabilitation
  • [26:10] The enormous effect of placebo and equally important but less discussed nocebo effect
  • [27:45] How the patient’s expectations about their treatment effects their amount of improvement
  • [31:40] An example of how X-rays and MRIs can scare patients when the MRI results may not be the bottom line
  • [33:45] Should we as therapists be throwing out our spine models herunterladen?
  • [34:45] A different approach on patient education and injury
  • [37:00] How pain science is important for healing in athletes
  • [43:25] The psychological toll of injuries in athletes and my own example of how your thoughts can perpetuate pain
  • [45:55] How personality and emotion is linked to pain
  • [47:35] What patients need to know about pain in order to rehab properly
  • [51:35] Tips for personal trainers and coaches working with clients in pain
  • [53:30] Tips for physical therapists to apply pain science into their clinical practice
  • [59:41] Resources for those seeking more information about pain science

My brain hurts after editing this podcast,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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