Online Mentoring Program

Need help getting your athletes out of pain and back to training? 

  • Continuing education for coaches and therapists is often expensive
  • It usually is not catered toward getting athletes back to high level fitness
  • Coaches, trainers and therapists are left without knowing how to "bridge the gap" between rehabilitation and high level performance

The Idea of "Bridging the Gap" Between Therapy and Performance is Increasingly Popular

 Therapists are treating more people in the fitness population and starting to realize the importance of strengthening and conditioning as it applies to our patients. Coaches are beginning to realize the importance of being able to help athletes return to sport after an injury. The literature is illuminating the importance of proper programming, strengthening and progressive exercise to return our athletes back to training and to keep them safe and performing at a high level.

For the coach, once your athlete is “cleared” by the doctor to return to activities how do we ramp them back up? Once they’re back to training, how do we keep them safe?

For the therapist, how do we get past “phase 1” rehabilitation. What’s phase 2, 3 and 4? What are the exact mechanisms of injury for the pain problems we encounter and how can we avoid these in the future so these athletes don’t keep coming back? 

How can we get these athletes the last 10% better so they can finally be happy and training again?

Athletes are constantly frustrated by their lack of ability to get back to what it is they love. There is an absense of knowledgeable coaches and therapists to help these athletes. Often times athletes stay in pain much longer then they should or worse yet they give up on what they love because of a lack of sound therapy and coaching principles.

Trouble is, there aren’t many resources out there for therapists and coaches to learn how to actually do this. Podcasts give us a small taste of how therapists practice. Medical literature also gives us some ideas. Blogs help people share their thoughts to a small degree. Forums are even worse. Every time I check some of these online injury forums I honestly just cringe at the terrible advice.

What’s missing is the actual practical implementation! How should we treat? What exercises are best? How do we create systems for our athletes to return and stay safe? Where can I find a program to do this?!

Fitness Pain Free Insiders Online Mentoring Program is THE Resource for Learning How to do This

What Does the Fitness Pain Free Online Mentoring Program Include?

  • Monthly webinars on the topics of fitness and rehabilitation (20-60 minutes in duration)
  • Advanced rehabilitation strategies to get back to the movements you love (olympic lifts, power lifts, muscle-ups, handstands)
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook group to ask questions and engage in conversation about the webinars
  • 24 / 7 Online access from anywhere that has an internet connection
  • Learn on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Exclusive member's only content

What content is covered?

A Complete Guide to Assessing and Correcting Overhead Mobility

Understanding, Treating and Preventing Shoulder Impingement and Rotator Cuff Tears

The 6 Training Pillars of Pain Free Performance

Your Master Guide to Mobility for the Olympic Lifts, Handstands and Muscle-ups

What the Shoulder REALLY Needs for Health and Performance

Managing Upper Body Strain Injuries

Take a peak inside of some of the webinars...

Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff and Labral Tears

How Shoulder Impingement and Rotator Cuff Tears Occur

Who is This Program For?

The Athlete

​As an athlete you know that staying healthy and continuing to make progress over time is priority number one. If you do this well you'll have an edge over your competition. On top of that, sometimes we get banged up from all of our training. Let me help supply you with the tools to help get out of pain, stay that way and continue training hard for the rest of your life.

The Coach

​A good coach requires a lot of things. They must know how to assess for mobility limitations, how to modify for athletes in pain and how to prevent injuries in their athletes all while getting their clients towards their goals. This is no small task. I'll supply you with some tools to help set you apart from the competition.

The Therapist

As a therapist I know there is a real lack of relevant information out there when working with people who enjoy olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. It's challenging to find evidence based yet practical rehabilitation tips. This is exactly what I do on a daily basis and what I plan on sharing for you.​

So What's the Cost?

I honestly created this program because I saw a real need in the fitness community.  I started partly because I love sharing my thoughts on fitness and physical therapy but also because I saw so much bad advice and a complete lack of resources for the trainer, coach and fitness minded clinician. I wanted to create a low barrier to entry program with a massive amount of great information for athletes, coaches and therapists.

"Insiders" has a ridiculously low barrier to entry at $1 

This program is a recurring subscription.  Insiders is normally $9.99 per month.  However, for this week only if you sign up you'll be locked in at the rate of $7.99 per month. 

After this week the price goes up to $9.99 per month.  Act now and save!