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Learn exactly how to work with injured athletes, help them get out of pain and bulletproof them against future injury.

Do you want to be an expert working with athletes in the fitness world?

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Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a doctor of physical therapy.  My goal is to teach people how to help get their athletes out of pain, back to training and keep them that way for the long haul.

When I graduated physical therapy school I knew I wanted to work in fitness.  Working as a personal trainer and coach previously, I practically went to physical therapy school solely so I could figure out how to work with my painful athletes better.  

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At the time it was very frustrating because if one of my athletes got hurt when I was training them I'd send them to a local physical therapist and or a physician.  These medical professionals would promptly tell my athlete:

"of course you got hurt, you shouldn't be performing deadlifts!"  

I get it, deadlifts can be tough on the lower back but it can't be that these exercises are inherently bad for you?

Are All of These Movements Really Just Plain Terrible for Your Health?!?

Needless to say my athletes were really frustrated by the doctor and physical therapist's advice. They'd often leave the doctor's office offended and left thinking, "wow, this was a major waste of time and money."  

So here's the problem in a nutshell...

  • Injuries Happen in the Gym
    As much as we'd like to think that everyone is always injury free, people get hurt training in the gym from time to time.
  • Doctors and Therapists Aren't Always Thoroughly Equipped to Deal with These Injuries
    Many healthcare providers don't exercise at all, let alone work with athletes to get them back to training in the gym.  Advice is often sub-par or just plain wrong.

  • Athletes Don't Trust Healthcare Providers
    Due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of what our athletes want to get back to, athletes become weary of advice from medical professionals.

So off I went to physical therapy school to learn how to help my painful athletes and build their trust.  Problem solved right?  Unfortunately not...

I finished school with a lot of great knowledge but really without the specific tools to help the athletes I wanted to work with.

Sure, at this point I could easily work with folks with shoulder pain but what about someone with shoulder pain that hurts only during bench press? 

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    Should I avoid painful exercise in the gym?
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    Can my powerlifter continue training if I modify their training some how?
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    Is there something about their bench press technique that caused this problem?
  • If I can get my powerlifter out of pain how do I progress them back to training over time?

So basically what it comes down to is that University education simply isn't adequate...

  • No Advice on Proper Exercise Execution
    You're lucky to receive some basic info on how to squat and deadlift appropriately, let alone olympic lifts and more complex gymnastics movements.
  • No Information on Exercise Modification
    Modifying exercise training programs is essential for rehab of these athletes.  Most programs simply don't cover this.  

  • No Help Creating Rehabilitation Programs
    Universities are not even teaching you how to evaluate a squat, let alone how to get back to squatting after an injury...

  • No Help with Future Injury Prevention
    Since injuries in this population are at best a small part of the curriculum of most universities, injury prevention isn't even on the radar.

  • Of Course Coaches are Left Confused and Frustrated After School...

Now, it doesn't feel good to get so much education and still feel like an idiot when you've got an injured athlete right in front of you to work with.  

The main reason I went to school was to become a leader in my community helping athletes deal with complicated pain problems.  I didn't feel that way at all.  Due to a lack of specific training I was actually still left with a sense of:





After all, these athletes should have access to competent and effective coaches who can help them with their injuries.

I didn't feel like I left with the expertise I desired and was starting to feel like part of the problem and not part of the solution...

So the journey continued and I spent the next few years learning how to help these folks.  I read a ton of research, did a lot of experimentation (on myself and my athletes) and created a system to help the folks I was working with. 

Over time I was finding I had a lot of success working with these injured athletes.  They trusted me, went through with the plans I created for them and got back to the training they loved.  It was wonderful and I now feel like I'm truly doing what I set out to do a decade ago.  

At this point I felt there must be other coaches and therapists out there that are certainly going through the same struggle as I have.  I began thinking to myself, "wouldn't it be great if some sort of certification program existed out there to help other therapists learn how to work with high level athletes in the strength and fitness realm?"  

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi, my name is Dan Pope,

I have a doctorate in physical therapy, am an orthopedic clinical specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

I have over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and coach.

I've competed as a Division 1 athlete at Rutgers University as a pole-vaulter, won a state and national championship in the sport of strongman and have competed twice at the crossfit regionals.

I travel and speak internationally on the topics of rehabilitation and injury prevention.

I've worked with athletes from all levels ranging from your average Joe and Jane up to the professional, olympic and crossfit games level athlete.  

I collaborate with some of the smartest therapists in the world to provide elite level care at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston MA.

Most importantly, rehabilitation and performance is what I've devoted my life toward.  It is absolutely my passion in life.  I work with athletes every day that I'm alive helping them to get out of pain and back to training.  I'm a huge believer in walking the walk and talking the talk.  

This unique blend of rehabilitation, coaching and training experience gives me a special ability to help people get out of pain and back to training.  It also helps that I've also had several hip injuries myself, all of which I've been able to rehabilitate through and get back to training afterwards.

Here's what other coaches are saying about Dan...

Jason Leydon - Head coach Crossfit Milford

 Head coach and owner of Crossfit Milford.  Has coached over 30 Crossfit Games Athletes and 9 Podium Finishers

Dave Durante - Olympic Gymnast 2008

Multiple time USA gymnastics national champion.  Part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as alternate. Co-owner Power Monkey Fitness.

Chad Vaughn - 2x Olympian Weightlifting

2x Olympian in Olympic Weightlifting. 9x American National Champion. Weightlifting coach.

Duke Van Vleet - Head Coach Crossfit Rising Wave

Head coach and owner of Crossfit Rising Wave. 2x US National Team member gymnastics. 8 years Cirque Du Soleil performer

Mike Cerbus - US National Champion Weightlifting

Medalist at 3 National Championships and 5 American Open Championships in Olympic Weightlifting. 2011 as American Open Champion.  US Pan Am. & Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012

Cheryl Haworth - 3x Olympian Weightlifting

3x Olympian in Olympic Weightlifting. Olympic bronze medalist. Weightlifting coach.


The Fitness Pain Free Certification

The Fitness Pain Free Certification is an online continuing education course that allows you to competently and effectively work with painful athletes in the gym.  

  • Learn Exactly How Injuries Occur in the GymInjuries are multi-factorial and if we want to learn how to rehabilitate we need to know how injuries occur in the first place.
  • Analyze Exercise Technique: Learn optimal exercise technique for performance AND injury prevention.  Technique for health isn't always the same as technique for performance.
  • Coach the Lifts Confidently: Learn how to coach the main lifts in the gym (olympic and power lifts, handstands, muscle-ups and more).
  • Write Injury Prevention Programs: I'll show you how to figure out exactly what led to your athlete's injury and strategies for preventing future problems.
  • Develop Rehabilitation Programs - Learn how to write rehabilitation programs for your athletes so they can get back to what they love.
  • Learn How to Modify Exercises Appropriately for Injured Athletes - I'll show you just what to do with painful athletes in the gym so they can continue working towards their goals and rehabilitate simultaneously.
  • Learn How to Assess Mobility or Strength Restrictions and How to Correct Them: I'll show you how to assess your athlete's movement to ensure you're giving the correct mobility or strength intervention to fix the root of the problem.

A certification to finally become part of the solution for your athletes and not another part of the problem.

Course Curriculum:

7 Reasons Why Athletes Get Hurt in the Gym and What To Do About It:

- What factors really lead to injury?

- The integral interplay of technique, training volume  and recovery. 

- How to address each factor that leads to injury.

What is Pain and Why Modification is Essential:

- What every coach needs to know about pain

- Why modification needs to be a priority for injured athletes

- How to modify training for injured athletes

How to Create Injury Prevention Plans:

- Using injury mechanisms to drive injury prevention

- How to make prevention plans specific to individuals and gyms

- Sample injury prevention plans

How to Write Rehabilitation Programs:

-  4 simple steps to writing rehabilitation programs

- Identifying lifestyle and training factors to perpetuate injury

- How to progress back to painful movements over time

Breaking Down the Power Lifts:

- How to coach and analyze bench press, squat and deadlift technique

- How athletes get injured during these lifts

- How to rehabilitate these athletes back to 100%

Breaking Down the Olympic Lifts:

- How to coach and analyze snatch and clean and jerk technique

- Master mobility for the olympic lifts

- Rehabilitating knee, hip, lower back and shoulder pain

Pull-ups, Muscle-ups and Kipping:

- What technical factors increase risk of shoulder injury?

- How to modify for painful shoulders

- The best accessory exercises to improve technique

Handstands and Handstand Push-ups:

- Easy modifications and rehab exercises for wrist pain

- Coaching cues and drills to improve the handstand

- How handstand push-ups can create neck injury

Overhead Press, Push-ups and Dips:

- How to optimize overhead mobility

- What to do when the shoulders hurt during press movements

- Accessory exercises to build bulletproof shoulders

Shoulder, Low Back, Knee and Hip Pain:

- Understanding the most common injuries in the gym

- How to deal with patellofemoral pain, rotator cuff and labral tears

- Shoulder, low back, knee and hip injury rehab case studies

  • Template rehab programs for shoulder, low back, knee and hip pain for every exercise in the gym
  • Learn what exercise technique is optimal for both health AND performance (Hint: It's not always the same)
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation case studies so you can see exactly how to use the principles in this course to get your athletes back to high performance
  • Learn how to coach and analyze exercise technique for the movements your athletes love to perform
  • Learn principles behind each common injury in the gym so you can easily modify training programming for your athlete's success
  • How to assess each movement and apply the correct mobilizations, strengthening and cueing to optimize performance
  • Learn the true roots of injury and how to use this information to prevent injury for the long term
  • Discover modifications for every common injury in the gym so your athletes can continue to train even when injured

Curious about what the course looks like on the inside?  Here's a sneak peak...

What The Course Looks Like on the Inside...

Modifying Handstands and Push-ups for Wrist Pain

The Fitness Pain Free Certification will teach you how to be a trusted resource for your athletes in need.  I'll show you how to be a leader in your community and become that go to coach when athletes have tricky injuries they're trying to deal with and no one else has been able to help.  

So Who is This Course For?

Medical Providers

Attention physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers.  The major goal of this course is to show you exactly how to work with injured athletes in the fitness world.  I'll show you how to be the trusted resource in your community to help get your athletes back to the training they love.

Coaches and Trainers

Coaches and trainers receive little to no education about pain and injury and yet are forced to work with athletes with injuries and pain problems every day of the week.  This course will show you how to be competent and proficient with these folks so they can continue working towards their goals and while getting better in the process.

Check Out What Others Are Saying 

About the Fitness Pain Free Certification...

Jason Leydon - Head Coach and Owner at Crossfit Milford

Dan Pope is one of the best in his field.  Dan is always first on my speed dial when I have any questions on movement, injury prevention, rehabilitation and education.  I highly recommend this course for every coach.  Getting clients to move well and being able to spot and fix issues is a game changer and in my opinion is the one main aspect that can separate the good coaches from the great coaches.

Ryan Johnson - Student Physical Therapist and Strength Coach 

Trey Martin - Student Physical Therapist and Powerlifter

Lenny Macrina - Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

Becca Chilczenkowski - Head Coach Ohare Crossfit

"I've been a CrossFit coach for over 7 years now, and it is rare that I have a week of coaching without someone dealing with some type of nagging injury or pain. I always felt confident modifying, but modification is just a band-aid.  This certification gave me the confidence to not only ask the right questions to find the true root of their pain, but now I feel I can truly help them fix the problem with proper mobilization and progression techniques. Dan took all of his experience and resources as a successful physical therapist and bridged the gap between physical therapy and CrossFit.  He has given you this knowledge in easy to digest information and ready-to-use rehab programs written out already for you!  This cert is the best thing you can do for your clients. "

Tarandeep "TJ" Jaidka - Student Physical Therapist and Powerlifter

"As a PT student, learning how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and returning back to performance is challenging.  Dan’s background in athletics, coaching, clinical reasoning regarding fitness and use of modifications has exposed me to this learning and given me a solid foundation for success in the future."

Here's "What You Get" 

  • 86 Information Packed Lessons Delivered 100% online
  • 186 Educational Videos and Webinar Presentations
  • 52 PDF and Infographic Downloads 
  • 24/7 Online Access - Consume the information in the comfort of your home for the lifetime of the product.
  • Over 20 Hours of Educational Video Content
  • 200+ Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Exercises
  • PDF downloads of the most important pain principles when training
  • A University Education in Working with Injured Athletes in the Gym

Fitness Pain Free Certification

Learn exactly how to work with injured athletes, help them get out of pain and bulletproof them against future injury.

Fill your day with athletes who rave about your skills and can't wait to tell the rest of the community about how good you are.   

Now is the time to become an expert working with athletes in the fitness realm.  This program will give you all of the tools to be the authority in your community.  

Enrollment for the program opens only twice per year.  It's open now.  After that the certification will be closed for the next 6 months.  The price of the certification is $999.  

Considering it's the equivalent of a university education in working with painful athletes in the gym I think it's a tremendous value and worth every penny.  Plus, I have payment plans available (As low as $184/month) to make sure it's affordable for you!

Get Instant Access by Clicking the Enroll Now Button Below! 


Time to become a leader in your community,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1

100% Money Back Guarantee 

I'm confident that this program will be completely worth your time and money.  However, if you're not satisfied within 30 days of purchase I'll give you a full refund, guaranteed.

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