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Do you want to be an expert working with athletes in the fitness world?

Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a doctor of physical therapy.  My goal is to teach people how to help get their athletes out of pain, how to get them back to training and how keep them healthy for the long haul.

When I graduated physical therapy school I knew I wanted to work in fitness.  Working as a personal trainer and coach previously, I practically went to physical therapy school solely so I could figure out how to work with my painful athletes better.  

Trouble is, I didn't really learn how to work with these athletes in school.  Sure I learned a bunch but it didn't really prepare me to work with the athletes I desired:

  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • The Sport of Fitness
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    People Who Just Enjoy Working Hard in the Gym

So basically what it comes down to is that University education simply isn't adequate...

  • No Advice on Proper Exercise Execution
    You're lucky to receive some basic info on how to squat and deadlift appropriately, let alone olympic lifts and more complex gymnastics movements.
  • No Information on Exercise Modification
    Modifying exercise training programs is essential for rehab of these athletes.  Most programs simply don't cover this.  

  • No Help Creating Rehabilitation Programs
    Universities are not even teaching you how to evaluate a squat, let alone how to get back to squatting after an injury...

  • No Help with Future Injury Prevention
    Since injuries in this population are at best a small part of the curriculum of most universities, injury prevention isn't even on the radar.

  • Of Course Coaches are Left Confused and Frustrated After School...

This prompted me on a journey of learning how to help these folks.  I've spent years learning from some the best coaches and physical therapists in the world, reading and implementing literature and making mistakes with myself and others along the way.  Over the course of time I developed a comprehensive system to help athletes get out of pain and optimize performance for the long haul.  

In this mini course I go over 4 simple steps for getting your athletes out of pain and how to optimize performance for the long haul.  Working with injured athletes can feel complex and frustrating but it really doesn't have to be.  This mini course is completely FREE and available simply by clicking the button below and entering your name and email: