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Fitness Pain Free WOD: Crossfit Training Program 10/28 – 12/6

Last month’s training was certainly a doozy netflix series macbook.  I found that my joints were feeling pretty good, my conditioning is improving and I’m setting new PRs on my oly lifts.  New tid bits for this month:

  • I found myself splitting up the training days quite a bit last month how to download videos on facebook.  Instead of continuing with this trend I’ve instead broken the week into either 4 or 5 days and a deload on the 5th week.
  • I’ve also split the squat snatch and squat clean days into 2 separate days so it appears that there is more squatting throughout the week but the volume is the same windows xp 64 bit deutsch kostenlos.
  • There is much more “optional” work incorporated into this month.  For those who just want to be healthy and have fun, the optional workouts are just that, optional photos icloud rit.  Don’t feel compelled to attempt this extra work.  If you’re more competitive, the optional work will really help you out.
  • I added in extra strength/accessory work this month, let me know what you think

Click HERE for this month’s programming

Time to squat,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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P.P.S. If you’re doing this program and have some feedback (love it, hate it, think it’s the worst program you’ve ever seen) please leave a comment below herunterladen.  I read everything, answer all emails and take everyone’s feedback into account.

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