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Fitness Pain Free WOD August 19th – September 21st

Dan StoneIt’s that time again.  We’ve finished 5 weeks of programming and we’re ready for the next 5.  Last month was fun.   If you missed the first month and wish to know how this program is different then others out there then click HERE to find out.

All in all I felt the programming was solid but I enjoyed some parts and saw room for improvement in others.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The high volume weeks were too much.
  • I have trouble improving my squat and deadlift without max effort work.  This go around will have more max effort work as well as a separate squat day without oly lifts first.
  • I want to make the rep ranges on accessory exercises larger.  This way you can more easily modify to fit your own needs.
  • I wanted to make the weights used more percentage based and rep max based to make the program easier to modify
  • There was a bit too much lifting prior to met-con for me.  I’d feel really beat during any conditioning.  This month includes more met-con with less strength work prior.
  • I don’t think I had enough met-con work into the past month’s program in general.

Things I liked:

  • I liked the amount of oly lifting.  This is a weakness for me and I’ve been able to improve over the past month.
  • The shoulder volume was manageable.  My shoulders have been feeling great.
  • I really like the skill/conditioning work with minimal rest.  I feel this is a good way to do accessory work so that technique can be maximized while still being relatively fatigued.

A few additional pointers:

  • Make sure you’re eating enough calories throughout the program, it’s not an easy one.
  • Workouts should take 60-90 minutes.  If they’re taking longer then that then I would start modifying things to finish faster.
  • You are welcome to break up the workouts some throughout the day.  This might be my best option for fitting in the work I need without being too tired during met-cons.  Just keep in mind that if you split up the sessions try to take the 60-90 minutes into account.
  • The skill work such as muscle-ups and handstands don’t need to be followed strictly.  If you’re feeling good then do some set and rep work, if not technique work will suffice.
  • I cater this program to myself (a 27 year old life long athlete).  I have specific weaknesses I’m working on while trying to program for the sectionals.   Feel free to make small modifications to individualize the program for yourself.

If you’re following the program, please let me know how last month went!  I’ll take that feedback into account for the following month’s programming!

Click HERE for this month’s programming

Time to get to work,

Dan Pope

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