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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 28: Crossfit and Gymnastics with Team USA Gymnast David Durante

david-duranteJoin me today as I interview David Durante.  David is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as alternate herunterladen. After retiring from competition, David helped coach his alma mater, Stanford University, to an NCAA Team Title in 2009 and has continued to be a part of the sport through his position on the Athlete Advisory Committee with the United States Olympic Committee sparkasse umsätze herunterladen. He is also the lead global gymnastics expert for adidas gymnastics.  He started crossfit after retiring from competition after the 2008 Olympic Games herunterladen. He continued to get more involved in crossfit over the past couple years and is now a gymnastics coach at CrossFit LIC in NYC.

  • [2:22] Dave’s background (he’s a beast)
  • [3:40] Dave’s training routine when preparing for the olympics
  • [6:20] Which areas are most susceptible to injury in gymnastics music videos youtube download legally?
  • [6:58] Dave’s injuries and surgeries
  • [10:57] Which gymnastics movements are causing these injuries?
  • [12:52] Dave’s routine for shoulder health
  • [14:50] How Dave’s training had to change as he got older to stay healthy as an elite athlete
  • [19:40] Dave’s introduction to crossfit
  • [23:05] Why isn’t gymnastics more popular herunterladen?
  • [25:55] What is crossfit doing correctly with incorporating gymnastics and what could be improved?
  • [29:45] How do we continue training in crossfit for a lifetime and stay healthy and injury free windows 7 installationsdatei herunterladen?
  • [31:10] How to incorporate skill work into your program without beating up your joints
  • [32:58] How crossfit irritates the strength and conditioning crowd
  • [33:32] Why is the gymnastics realm not embracing crossfit with open arms sellercentral rechnungen herunterladen?
  • [36:39] Dave’s exciting future with crossfit
  • [38:45] What is it like working with athletes like Alessandra Pichelli, Dan Bailey and Chris Spealer icloud windows all images?
  • [41:03] What can we learn at the crossfit gymnastics certification?
  • [44:40] How focusing on fundamentals and taking advantage of progressions can be a very safe way to improve
  • [47:25] Carl Paoli’s vs herunterladen. Dave’s opinions on progressing gymnastics skills
  • [50:30] Is it safe to have patients try higher level gymnastics?
  • [52:03] Are butterfly kipping pullups dangerous herunterladen?  How should we progress people towards them?
  • [54:27] Can we scientifically break down the butterfly pullup and figure out if they cause shoulder injury?
  • [56:42] Where can I find more Dave Durante?

Dave teaching Dan Bailey Planche progressions:

Dave’s company Power Monkey Fitness

I’m currently holding a full split,

Dan Pope, DPT, CSCS

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