Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 27: Preventing and Surgically treating Knee Injury with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Sean Rockett - FITNESS PAIN FREE

Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 27: Preventing and Surgically treating Knee Injury with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Sean Rockett

Dan Car LiftJoin Rob and I as we interview orthopedic surgeon Dr navigon herunterladen. Sean Rockett about the most common knee injuries you’ll find in crossfit as well as how we can prevent and treat them.

  • [1:25] Dr. Rockett addresses all of the recent “hub bub” about
    concussions in youth sports
  • [2:25] Dr files with iphone. Rockett’s ideas on kipping pullups and whether or not they are related to the high incidence of SLAP labral tears in crossfit.
  • [7:25] Introducing today’s topic, knee injuries in crossfit
  • [7:45] What are the most common knee injuries seen in crossfit flash player 8 downloaden?
  • [9:09] Can we fix knee pain by addressing technique solely?
  • [10:53] What are the most common knee injuries that require surgery?
  • [11:45] Why are we seeing knee injuries from crossfit and how can we fix this?
  • [13:00] Are deep, olympic style squats safe for the knees and the meniscus?
  • [15:40] If deep squats aren’t bad then what is leading to meniscus injury?
  • [16:50] How does Dr. Rockett treat tendonitis and meniscus injury both surgically and conservatively?
  • [19:02] Dr. Rockett’s thoughts on patellofemoral pain syndrome and having knee pain without any evidence of tissue injury
  • [22:27] What is a typical meniscus surgery like?
  • [23:14] Dr. Rockett’s experience surgically treating a crossfit games competitor
  • [27:35] What about performing crossfit with knee arthritis?
  • [28:25] Can I perform crossfit with a total knee replacement?  What can I do, what can’t I do? and how long is the recovery?
  • [32:02] Although ACL injuries are not common in crossfit what do I have to be aware of when returning to crossfit after an ACL repair?
  • [33:50] How long should I wait to compete in crossfit following ACL surgery (Hint, it’s not 4-6 months)
  • [36:20] If I rupture my ACL do I even need surgery?  What if I want to be competitive in crossfit?
  • [37:47] Why understanding crossfit is crucial for a surgeon and therapist
  • [39:35] Dr. Rockett’s experience as a medical volunteer at the crossfit games
  • [40:17] What are the most dangerous crossfit exercises?
  • [41:18] At what point do I need to see an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Rockett?
  • [42:48] Learn more about Dr. Rockett’s injury prevention program

Dr. Rockett’s site

An additional interview with Dr. Rockett about the shoulder

Here’s to healthy knees,

Dan Pope, DPT, CSCS

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