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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 25 – The Joint by Joint Approach for the Upper Body

Dmitriy Klokov of Russia celebrates in tJoin Rob and I as we continue on in our quest to educate the masses on performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Today we go deep into the joint by joint approach for the upper body:

For last podcast covering the lower body and lumbar spine click HERE:

[0:58] Our thoughts on the crossfit games

[6:18] Smolov program, very popular but is it a good idea? (I meant to say low-bar)

[9:40] introducing our topic for the day

[10:54] Rob loves the thoracic spine

[14:37] T-spine exercises Dan likes and why mobility is not enough

[17:10] A neat trick to target the t-spine better

[17:50] Dan goes way too far in depth about the shoulder blade

[18:50] The most evil position for your shoulder

[21:54] The AC joint as a big player in shoulder health

[23:45] Pec minor as a major problem causer and a great stretch for therapists

[24:50] Shoutout to Chris Johnson – Click the link for his page

[28:22] What the heck do I do with my gleno-humeral joint?

[29:30] The dreaded GIRD and why we need to fix it

[30:20] How a lack of shoulder range of motion will damage the shoulder during dips and muscle-ups

[34:10] Lower cervical spine – Rob schools me on the neck

[37:05] SUB occipital muscles, I apologize

[37:30] To pack or not pack the neck? Insight from Jonathan Fass and Bret Contreras on the Strength of Evidence Podcast

[38:50] Any easy take-away for the neck

[41:00] How can I tell if I have a mobility issue or stability issue?

[43:50] Breaking down the kipping-pullup from a stability and mobility perspective

[49:25] Recent articles from JAMA about stone loading and low back pain

[50:00] Our favorite exercises for each joint


Dan Pope

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