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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 25 – The Joint by Joint Approach for the Upper Body

Dmitriy Klokov of Russia celebrates in tJoin Rob and I as we continue on in our quest to educate the masses on performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation knx ets4 herunterladen.  Today we go deep into the joint by joint approach for the upper body:

For last podcast covering the lower body and lumbar spine click HERE:

[0:58] Our thoughts on the crossfit games

[6:18] Smolov program, very popular but is it a good idea internet explorer 10 kostenlos downloaden für windows 7? (I meant to say low-bar)

[9:40] introducing our topic for the day

[10:54] Rob loves the thoracic spine

[14:37] T-spine exercises Dan likes and why mobility is not enough

[17:10] A neat trick to target the t-spine better

[17:50] Dan goes way too far in depth about the shoulder blade

[18:50] The most evil position for your shoulder

[21:54] The AC joint as a big player in shoulder health

[23:45] Pec minor as a major problem causer and a great stretch for therapists

[24:50] Shoutout to Chris Johnson – Click the link for his page

[28:22] What the heck do I do with my gleno-humeral joint downloaden videos from youtube?

[29:30] The dreaded GIRD and why we need to fix it

[30:20] How a lack of shoulder range of motion will damage the shoulder during dips and muscle-ups

[34:10] Lower cervical spine – Rob schools me on the neck

[37:05] SUB occipital muscles, I apologize

[37:30] To pack or not pack the neck? Insight from Jonathan Fass and Bret Contreras on the Strength of Evidence Podcast

[38:50] Any easy take-away for the neck

[41:00] How can I tell if I have a mobility issue or stability issue?

[43:50] Breaking down the kipping-pullup from a stability and mobility perspective

[49:25] Recent articles from JAMA about stone loading and low back pain

[50:00] Our favorite exercises for each joint


Dan Pope

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