Fitness Pain Free Podcast #23: Stability vs Mobility with Dr. Brian Strump - FITNESS PAIN FREE

Fitness Pain Free Podcast #23: Stability vs Mobility with Dr. Brian Strump

Dmitriy Klokov of Russia celebrates in tWith the advent of the excellent resources “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and, mobility has become increasingly popular lustige videos zum downloaden kostenlos. It’s become so popular that some people believe it is a bit of a magic sword to cure all of their ailments.  Join Dr. Brian Strump and Dr. Dan as we discuss how stability is equally important and is often the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to performance, injury prevention and rehab jurassic park game for free.

  • [1:20] Who is Dr. Brian Strump and why should we listen to him?
  • [2:26] Why has mobility become a magic bullet?
  • [4:34] Does research support stretching and flexibility to decrease injury rates invitation to your birthday?  What does predict injury?
  • [10:50] An example of how mobility is prescribed to a crossfit athlete when stability is what is needed
  • [12:55] How to distinguish between stability and mobility problems using the squat as an example
  • [15:55] Brian’s assessments for finding stability issues
  • [16:45] How decreased stability can present as decreased flexibility and the need to stretch
  • [17:38] An example of how breathing and core stability can immediately decrease low back pain
  • [26:19] What is core stability and how core stability can increase your ability to squat deeper
  • [30:45] My overhead squat stinks, is it a stability or mobility problem?
  • [31:36] Troubleshooting overhead exercise technique
  • [33:50] Squat Therapy
  • [35:32] How the joint by joint theory can help you figure out if you need stability or mobility. Learn more HERE:
  • [38:00] How pain in one joint could be caused by a problem somewhere else in the body
  • [40:00] How to incoporate stability and mobility exercises into your program in a practical way
  • [40:55] Patients where stretching is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and potentially harmful (instability, PFPS, impingement)
  • [49:15] Why are patients lacking flexibility?
  • [54:44] What is neurokinetic therapy (NKT) and how can it help me?
  • [1:05:35] Using NKT to treat an olympic lifter
  • [1:09:42] How spinal manipulation works and can change your brain

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