Fitness Pain Free Episode 17: All About Olympic Lifts

Fitness Pain Free Episode 17: All About Olympic Lifts

Join Rob and I as we delve deep, super deep, into Olympic Lifting.  Topics discussed:

  • What are the olympic lifts herunterladen?
  • Snatches?  Is this show rated PG?
  • What and who the O-lifts are good for?
  • How Rob and I fit them into our routines
  • Are olympic lifts dangerous herunterladen?
  • How Rob almost destroyed his body with O-lifts
  • Why does crossfit love O-lifts so much?
  • Should everyone use olympic lifts free euro truck simulator 2 full version?
  • Common mistakes with beginner lifters
  • How to start incorporating olympic lifting into your programs
  • Who’s snatch is more impressive, Dan or Rob’s herunterladen? (couldn’t help myself)

Outlaw Way Programming

Mike Burgener Olympic Lifting Video

Bret Contreras Strength and Conditioning Research


Dan Pope

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