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Exercise facilitates carbohydrates going to muscle instead of fat

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After eating carbohydrates, they end up in your blood stream as sugar and some of the sugar ends up being stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen (the body’s storage form of carbohydrate)  and some gets stored as body fat.  We want to minimize fat accumulation so what can we do follow netflix on download computer?

Well, vigorous exercise helps facilitate circulating blood sugar to be stored as glycogen as opposed to bodyfat.  Exercise promotes the Glut-4 receptors to translocate over to the plasma membrane to readily accept sugar and store it as glycogen herunterladen.

What the heck does this mean for me?  Well if you are concerned with looking good…

1. Eat carbohydrates around when you exercise to maximize them being stored in the muscle as opposed to making fat pixieset images.

2. Minimize fat intake around when you exercise because fat slows down the entrance of sugar into the blood sugar.  Fat slowing down sugar’s release into the blood stream is normally good, but we want to be able to time when our blood sugar levels are up.  This way we can take advantage of exercise and the period where we are “sensitive to carbohydrates”.  This just means we will store more carbohydrates where we want them (muscle and liver).

3. I like to eat something like a handful of raisins and prunes 30 minutes before training and then again directly after.  I also find that this snack keeps me energized throughout my workouts.  I usually follow that up with a meal that has a nice dose of carbs such as a few sweet potatoes.

Eat up!



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