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Super Bretzel: If I could only pick one stretch, this would be it

Here’s one of my favorite stretches.  I really like this stretch because it hits a lot of things at once and it focuses on areas that usually need it.  I basically combined a stretch created by

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Core Training Exercise: Around the World Plank

According to Stu McGill, low back pain researcher, we need to be training our core for stability and endurance in order to prevent low back pain.  This exercise fits the bill. I picked this one up at

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1 and 1/2 squats: Improve Your Squat By Working Your Weakness

If you’re like me you have a tough time getting deep in your squats and then coming back out of the hole with some power.  Here’s a great exercise to work on to help with that.  They’re

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Ankle Mobility: A Small Twist to Make An Already Effective Exercise Better

Alright so we’ve all heard of the benefits of improving ankle mobility: Deeper, improved position in squats and pistols Improved tracking of the patella and knee position during movement Better

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The Lizard Crawl – An Advanced Core Exercise

Everybody loves a good lizard crawl. Technique: Get into a pushup position and take your legs out a bit wider then your shoulders and lower yourself a little closer to the floor Focus on keeping your

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