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Does Foam Rolling Actually Improve Mobility?

Today’s blog post is coming from a recent article I read in the International journal of Sports Physical Therapy vdownloader gratis downloaden. I wanted to post this article to show some of the conflicting evidence out there in regards to the effectiveness of self soft tissue work like foam rolling and roller massagers charts top 100 kostenlosen. If you start looking into the mobility literature you’ll also find studies that show stretching and eccentrics being ineffective for gaining new range of motion as well fonts for free for photoshop.

I’ll admit, I was a bit sad when I read this one given I like to use foam rolling as a part of a complete plan to improve mobility video from tvthek. However, I do still believe foam rolling has a place in our training programs, (although studies like this may knock down my view of how effective they may be for everyone) avira virenschutz kostenlos downloaden. ⠀

What are your thoughts? Do you still do foam rolling? Do you think it’s a waste of time? Let me know by responding in the comments below:⠀

Keep on rolling baby, you know what time it is…


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