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Dan on Barbell Shrugged Podcast!

I was lucky to have the opportunity to head out to Encinitas, California and be on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast.  It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with Doug and Mike and we had a blast.  In the show we had an opportunity to talk about what we believe is one of the most important topics to understand as a coach or rehabilitation professional, how to modify workouts for athletes in pain.  As a coach you’ll undoubtedly be working with athletes in pain.  It isn’t your job to treat that athlete but it is your job to help them reach their training goals.  Ryan and I go over how to modify training so your athletes can not only continue working towards their goals but not hurt themselves more in the process.  We want you to know how to become a positive force in your athlete’s rehab and not the opposite.


In honor of the podcast we’re offering an exclusive $100 discount off Ryan and my latest online course:

“The Guide to Modifying Workouts When Athletes Have Pain”

If you liked what you heard in the podcast and want to know exactly what to do for your athletes in pain, you’ll love the course.  Help your athletes bridge that gap from rehabilitation to performance.

Click HERE for the link to Barbell Shrugged’s website where you’ll find the discount

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