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Crossfit WOD Programming 12/2/2013 – 1/6/2014

Turkey-WorkoutLast month’s programming is over.  I spent my deload week eating and drinking copiously over the holiday and I’m very motivated to get started with training again.  I hit a few new bests this past month (265 x 5 front squat, 225 x 3 overhead squat) and feel my conditioning is still high.  I’m hoping to do a local competition some time this winter.  Interestingly, I’m at an all time low for bodyweight (165lbs).  I might make a run at the american open next year.  I also just joined a strongman gym and look forward to doing some heavier lifting as well.

Some of the feedback I got from the last month as well as my own thoughts:

  • 4-5 days per week ends up being quite a bit.  I ended up skipping 1-2 workouts in the mix due to “life”
  • Too much complexity with oly lifting.  I ended up having trouble improving my maxes and I think that was simply because I wasn’t consistently hitting heavy oly lifts.
  • Sore shoulders from so much shoulder intensive work (hopefully remedied with less sessions throughout the week)
  • The “optional” work makes it easier to push when you can and have time and not to when you don’t
  • The consistent squatting, deadlifting and overhead pressing is giving people consistent PRs, exactly what we want.

Changes this month:

  • Back to the 3-4 workouts per week model to give the body a rest and to be more practical.
  • The work is spread over 6 weeks.  This is a bit longer then we’ve done in the past as far as how often we end up squatting / dead lifting / pressing.
  • Met-con “Caps” to give you an idea of how long the workouts should last and hopefully allow you to better choose your modifications as needed
  • All chest to bar pullups in the met-cons.  This is simply because historically chest to bar is all we’ve been seeing at the open.
  • Less variety, more specificity.  As we get closer to the open I’m making the training more specific towards what we’ll most likely be seeing.   I’m sorry if you hate wall balls and burpees because they’re going to become your friends.
  • I also eliminated running for the month partly because it hasn’t been in the open but also because it’s getting cold outside and difficult to add into the programming.
  • Spaces to write down your lifts and times for the day.  Print out the program, bring it to the gym and write in everything as you do it, easy peasy.

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Time to add some muscle to these turkey legs,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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