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Best Around the Web #2 ACL, Knee Pain, Ankle Mobility

Love me some drop vertical jump testing.

We all know that landing from a jump poorly can lead to ACL injuries but we’re also finding out that it can lead to good old knee pain (Patellar tendinopathy).  I feel like I’ve been talking about this ad nauseum.

While we’re on the topic of ACLs it appears that females still have poor landing and movement mechanics at the knee even after they return to their sport.  Anyone else smell another ACL injury?

So why are females showing poor landing mechanics?  Here’s some food for thought:

Nordic Hamstring curls anyone?

While we’re on the topic of the knee:

The above study used trained professionals in order to mobilize the subjects ankles:

Want more ankle mobility, I love Chris Johnson’s stuff.

That’s it for now!


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