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Awesome Mobility Product By Dr. Zach Long (On Sale 1st Week)

Zach LongHey Guys,

A good friend of mine recently released a great product called “Bulletproof Mobility.”  I think you all know how passionate I am about educating people about things like assessment, mobility, corrective exercise and proper warm-ups.

My friend and colleague Dr. Zach Long created a product for just that.  He sent me over a copy and I was surprised by just how thorough it is.  He goes over each important movement (squatting, lunging, hip hinge etc) and provides a nice variety of corrective exercises that can easily fit into your routine to help improve these movements.

A few great strengths of the product

  1. Done for you mobility program
  2. Warm-up routines prior to training
  3. Video and photo guidance, clearly demonstrated
  4. Shoulder health routine
  5. Mobility tests for the entire body with corrective exercises

I wanted to let you all know about it because I think it will really elevate your coaching game.  If you’re a physio who wishes to learn more about corrective exercises and improving movements you commonly find in the fitness realm, this is a product for you.

I also wanted to share this because for the first week the program is on sale for $10 off its normal cost.  

Click HERE for a link to the product with more info and buying 

Talk Soon,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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