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5 Minute Deadlift Assessment and Mobility (Toe Touch Assessment)

Two weeks ago I made a video entitled 5-minute overhead mobility.  It’s a compilation of my favorite overhead mobility exercises with an assessment and demonstrations with explanations of each mobilization.

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How to Assess and Correct the Front Rack to Improve Front Squats, Jerks, Thrusters and Cleans

Have trouble in the front rack?  Difficulty keeping your elbows up during a front squat?  Can’t grip the bar during a thruster without wrecking your wrists?  Can’t get the bar in the right

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Assessing and Correcting Tibial Internal Rotation – Improve Your Deep Squat

We all know the importance of hip and ankle mobility for deep squatting.  What most people don’t know about is the importance of adequate tibial internal rotation. Say what? Ya, I was confused at

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