A week filled with farm animals, loud music, bro activities and cold barbells - FITNESS PAIN FREE

A week filled with farm animals, loud music, bro activities and cold barbells

This one’s for you Greg

Training this week was excellent and is definitely going in the direction. More big things to come. Better BELIEVE it baby!

It was a deload week (no deadlifts or bench press) but I still managed to have some fun and hit some new bests. It’s getting cold outside so the alapacas have been coming in to hang out during training some times. Definitely the perfect storm for optimal training.

12/8/2011 – Dynamic Warmup + prehab

Fat Bar Dumbbell Press
140 x 3 – PR I think
110 x 13

Weighted Ring Pullup
45 x 4
55 x 4

Fat Bar Dumbbell Curls
3 x 8-10 @ 40lbs

Incline Bench “Y”
3 x 10 @ 10lbs

Round Robin Ring Dip Set – Me, Matt, Greg, Cameron, Juelz Santana (did anyone get that reference?)
10 x 10 reps

12/10/2011 – at crossfit MTL
Dynamic Warmup and Prehab

Push Jerks from rack
255 x 1
275 x 1
305 x MISS – I was feeling rowdy, ended up failing. Next time.

Power Clean
205 x 3
225 x 10 – New best?

135 x 3
185 x 8 – PR

Met-con – something dreamed up by Pat Byrnes over at Crossfit Tribe – 2 rounds for time
15 Handstand Pushups / 20 Pullups / 25 Box Jumps / 30 deadlifts at 185 / 35 Burpees

16:55 – I had trouble bending over for the rest of the day.

12/13/2011 – Dynamic Warmup and Prehab

Overhead Squat – This was a terrible weakness for me, finally starting to improve
225 x 1
250 x MISS
250 x 1 – Hooty Hooo! about a 50-60lb PR

Turkish Sit-up
40 x 10/arm
60 x 10/arm

Band Punch Press – I’ll get a video of these two exercises sometime soon.
Green Band 2 x 10/side

Met-con – 3 rounds for time
5 muscle-ups / 15 burpees + touch the ceiling 9′ / 20 Lunges + 45lb plate overhead

Great week. I’m planning on competing in the crossfit open over at Crossfit Tribe in Pennsauken. I’m looking forward to ramping up my training in the next few weeks. Look forward to some big things!I’m still doing small sessions throughout the week working on skills and weaknesses. My eating has been on point too.

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