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6 Steps to a Bigger, Safer Bench Press

Using this new technique will feel a bit awkward at first but I promise in the long run this will pay off, both adding more weight to your bench and keeping your shoulders healthier.

1. While lying on the bench pull your shoulder blades together and down

2. Walk your feet up toward your head (you won’t make it there unless you’re a freak, just try and walk your feet back some) and then widen them out.

3. Get tight! This position allows you to get power from the floor into your arms to bench more weight, but only if you keep your body rigid enough to allow this to happen. Try squeezing your butt muscles tight and keeping everything from your feet to your shoulders rigid.

4. Take a spot to unrack the bar – you want your upper back to stay tucked into position and trying to unrack the bar yourself will cause you to lose that position. Remember, shoulder blades together and down, chest up.

5. Take a deep breath in before letting the bar descend and don’t let go of that breath until the hardest part of the lift is over.

6. As the bar is descending try to focus on bringing your chest up to meet the bar as the bar lowers.

Now smile because you just smoked your previous best bench PR.

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