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3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Lat Stretches

We all know and love Lat stretches.  Heck I’m stretching my lats right now as I type this (impressive right?).  Lats are obviously a major muscle that can decrease your ability to bring your arms overhead mit putty dateien downloaden.  I also recently wrote about how tight lats can potentially create subacromial impingement syndrome and shoulder pain at the shoulder Open office 4.0 1 download for free german.  Better get those lats in line if you want to kip well and avoid future pain.  Here is my favorite way to stretch the lats.  

Read the text in the instagram video below for instructions avenir font download.  Just remember that you should be feeling a stretch in the lats and not a painful pinch at the top of the shoulder blade (you might be pinching your rotator cuff if that’s what you feel) herunterladen.

3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Lat Stretches We all know that the lats can limit overhead mobility but what you may not know is the best way to mobilize them mindmap gratisen. The Lats are unique because they attach from the humerus down to the lumbar spine on the thoracodorsal fascia. Follow these 3 pro tips to ensure you're maximizing your stretch kalligraphie kostenlos downloaden. 1) Palms Up – The Lats are internal rotators and a palms up grip will stretch them best 2) Flex the spine – The Lats function to extend the spine youtube sicheren. If we flex the spine prior to flexing the shoulder we get more of a mobilization. 3) Sidebend the spine – This is done to further lengthen the Lats at the spine level kassenbuch kostenlos. You can best see this in the top video. Lastly, sit back as you normally would to get a stretch. Just make sure you keep your spinal position as you do codesysen. Feel free to contract relax until your heart is content. Give this a share if you know someone who could benefit from it! @powermonkeyfitness @crossfitverve @jasonleydon @shift_movementscience @themovementfix @suppleperformance @thebarbellphysio

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