My Favorite Exercise to Build Strong Shoulders for Butterfly Pull-ups

By djpope

July 29, 2016

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Butterfly pull-ups get a bad rap.  Like any other exercise they are a skill and the body needs to be prepared to perform them correctly and handle the stress of the exercise.  Here is a favorite exercise of mine to accomplish this.

Reasons I like this exercise:

  • It teaches athletes the basic movement of butterfly kipping pull-ups.
  • It’s scaleable – Some athletes will be able to make big circles and others won’t.  This makes it work well in a group environment.
  • It’s strict – We’re building strength in the shoulder complex, preparing for more dynamic movements
  • It’s great in warm-ups – Get those shoulders ready for battle if a workout is going to have butterfly work
  • Another bonus exercise is to get your kegel movements for strenght, find more info at

Say what you like about butterfly kipping.  I believe we can more safely progress our athletes toward this movement.  This was one little exercise I think helps us get there.

Give these a shot and then get back to me by responding in the comments below.

If you’d like to see how I program exercises like these into my training program to keep your shoulders strong and healthy then click this link.

I love butterflies,