Not All About Fitness – Video Podcast with Dr. Dave Tilley

By djpope

May 30, 2016

assessment, movement essentials


A few weeks back when I was out in NYC at Power Monkey Fitness Headquarters I had the opportunity to do a podcast with my good friends Paul Buono and Angelo Sisco.  They’ve got an excellent podcast entitled, “Not All About Fitness.”  We talk about:

  • Both Dr. Dave Tilley and My (ridiculous) backgrounds
  • Assessing people prior to engaging into a fitness program
  • Injecting assessments into a group training model
  • The difference between strength, stability, technique and flexibility problems
  • The importance of finding other talented people in your field
  • The process of a physical therapy experience

Take a look and let us know what you think.  Learn more about Monkey Method – Movement Essentials HERE:

Rusty Chains for the Win,

Daniel Pope, DPT, CSCS