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2014 Crossfit Southwest Regionals Team Verve

karilynSo if you’ve been following the site, following my social media or subscribe to my newsletter you’ll know I’ve been training like a madman for the past several years for competitive crossfit.  Over the past weekend all of the hard work paid off and I competed at the Crossfit Regionals with Team Verve.

Over the past several weeks myself and 7 other athletes from Verve (Nate, Kaplan, Ryan, Robyn, Maddie, Anna and Courtney) have been putting in some long hours getting ready for this little shindig.  We have been following programming put together by Matt Chan and had some excellent coaching from Joylyn, Matt and Cherie.  It was a battle and after the dust settled we ended up 10th place in the Southwest Region.  I had an absolute blast.  Thanks to my girlfriend, team mates, coaches, members of Crossfit Verve, ATP Mechanix, Steve’s Club, Crossfit Tribe and everyone else along the way for the support.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

verve pic 1

verve pic 2

verve pic 3

verve pic 4

verve pic 5

verve pic 6

verve pic 7

verve pic 8

verve pic 9

verve pic 10

verve pic 11

Back to Training,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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