Ankle Mobility: A Small Twist to Make An Already Effective Exercise Better

By dpope2020

September 17, 2012

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Alright so we’ve all heard of the benefits of improving ankle mobility:

  • Deeper, improved position in squats and pistols
  • Improved tracking of the patella and knee position during movement
  • Better position of the torso and shoulders in movement like overhead squats
  • An improvement in knee pain (or foot, hip and low back pain) when a mobility issue at the ankle is causing problems.

We’ve all seen the classic mobility drills.  I believe I’ve seen Mike Boyle, Bill Hartman and Perry Nickelston all demonstrate the same great drill.

Fast-forward to 2:40.

I really find it difficult to get a nice mobilization with this drill:

  • My heel slides out when I try to mobilize
  • I can’t get strong enough leverage for a good mobilization

Here’s how I’ve modified this drill to make it work for me:


  • Make sure your are keeping the arch of your foot in tact when mobilizing (Short foot, subtalar neutral, arch etc. whatever you want to call it)
  • Press your knee out toward your toe by squeezing your glute (This also puts your foot in a better position).
  • Test your deep squat, pistol, or FMS inline lunge before and after to see if you get an improvement in the movement.

Go get some mobility!

Dan Pope

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