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2 Easy Ways to Get More From Your Foam Rolling

I like to use foam rolling a lot to help gain new range of motion for my clients.  It’s fast and easy to do.  It’s also a great option for people who have pain with stretching or at their end range of motion (think shoulder impingement or femoral acetabular impingement patients) plural lucky block herunterladen.  In these folks we can gain motion without causing more pain or irritation.  Here are 2 ways we can gain even more effectiveness with this intervention

1: Pre-stretch the target muscle

  • If the objective is to gain more length in a given muscle it makes sense that adding a stretch to the rolling can help

2: Contract the opposing muscle group

  • Contracting the opposing muscle group will force relaxation of the target muscle through a concept called reciprocal inhibition russische filme kostenlos downloaden.  Use this technique to gain new range when rolling

2 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your Foam Rolling 1) Pre-stretch the target muscle album from icloud. In this example I'm stretching my hamstrings and quad musculature prior to rolling. This adds some extra lengthening. 2. Fire the opposing muscle group. Reciprocal inhibition is the contraction of a muscle group forcing the relaxation of the opposing muscle group. For the hamstring roll I flex the quadriceps and for the quad and hip flexor roll I flex my hamstrings and glutes. This way we get more relaxation and range from rolling. @championptp @olychad @powermonkeyfitness #reebok #teamreebok #physicaltherapy #mobility #foamroller #crossfit

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