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Dan StoneHey all, Did anyone get the Game of Thrones Reference? No?  Sorry.

Anyhoo, The next 6 weeks worth of Fitness Pain Free Performance Training is now available!  I spent the past week coaching and learning at Power Monkey Camp and had another phenomenal experience.  I also had the chance to speak and learn with Doug Chapman and Jason Leydon.  If you don’t know who these 2 are, they are big, big names in the programming game.  They’ve both written programming and coached countless games athletes.  I also spoke with Chris Hinshaw, Dave Durante and Chad Vaughn at camp, all of which have and currently coach and program for several games level athletes.  It really made me realize just how many people out there are writing programming!  It also made me realize that as a consumer it has to be very tough to find the best program for yourself or your gym.

How do you know if the program is right for you? or for your box?  What am I actually going to be getting for my money?  What type of population is this programming for?  It’s all a bit of a mystery without too many answers, which can be difficult.  I didn’t want this to be the case.  

My programming is certainly different then other programs.  I wanted to help provide you with an educational piece about how my programming is run and my general philosophies behind programming.  This way you aren’t left in the dark with any questions you may have regarding the programming.

That’s why I put together a 3 week sample program for you to see.  It’s not just a sample program but a tutorial.  I run you through the day by day activities.  I explain how the program changes over the course of the year.  I explain all of the additional items you get in addition to daily programming.  What sets my programming apart from others?  Really what is the general gestalt? Click the link below for 3 free weeks of programming in PDF format.

Click HERE for a 3 Week Sample of My Fitness Pain Free Performance Training Program

Hopefully this gives you a better sense of the programming and whether or not it’s the right fit for you or your box.  I also think it will help give you an idea of how in depth the thought process is for creating such an all inclusive program.  Enjoy!

As Always, a Brief Snapshot of the Programming:

  • 6-days per week done for you program for yourself or for your box (Perfect for affiliate owners)
  • Progressive daily olympic lifting, strength, gymnastics, and met-con that fits into a 1 hour block (I know how important it is to fit the entire class into a 1 hour block)
  • Two tracks: One for the average Joe looking to stay safe and get fit and another for the competitive athlete looking for success in the open and at competition.  Both tracks fit together well so your average Joe and competitive athletes can continue to train together side by side.
  • Learn how to easily screen and assess yourself and your athletes and how to correct these faults.  Build efficiency with movement and reduce injury risk.
  • General warm-ups with mobility specific to the day’s lifting, gymnastics and met-con (All with video explanations)
  • Fun and varied daily met-con that fluctuates across the course of the year to prepare you for the open
  • Testers throughout the course of the year to ensure you’re making progress in the right direction
  • Joint health, mobility, foam rolling and injury prevention exercises built right into the programming (I take out all of the guesswork)
  • Workout notes for each workout with goals, modifications workout intensities and other relevant information

Planning and managing a large class is very challenging.  Keep in mind I’m a physical therapist but also a coach.  I know how tough it is to fit everything into a 1 hour session and have a class run smoothly. I give the specifics to ensure a smooth class experience:

  • How long should the warm-up last
  • When should I start the skill / strength / lift etc.
  • Rest periods between sets
  • Intensity zones and explanations of how hard people should be pushing / pacing
  • Post-workout mobility

The programming is a monthly subscription service.  You can sign up in advance or save by buying a yearly subscription.  Again I’m very proud of it and really think it’s a big value for coaches and athletes alike.  For more information and how to get started click the link below:

Click Me for More Information

Excited to work with you,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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