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Two Interesting Benefits of Foam Rolling

I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m a big proponent of foam rolling (For the right reasons).  I think foam rolling often gets thrown under the bus because some experts think that

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9 Critical Principles for a Successful Off-season Program (Part 3)

We’re up to part 3 in our series.  If you missed the previous parts you can find them below: Part 1 click HERE Part 2 click HERE Now onto the finale… 7: Go Strict Now don’t get me

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9 Critical Principles for a Successful and Injury Free Off-season (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 in our series then click HERE to go back and check it out before continuing.  Now onto part 2… 4: Have Some Fun If the sole purpose of your training is to become a better athlete

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9 Critical Principles for a Successful and Injury Free Off-season (Part 1)

1: Take Some Time Off After a grueling open season it’s natural to want to be excited about getting back into training hardcore. You’ve been able to test your mettle in the open, you’ve

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Why Your Hard Met-cons Are Too Easy and Your Easy Met-cons are Too Hard – Introducing Polarized Training

First of all, I stole this title right from a Triathlon Magazine and wanted to give credit where it was due. The title was too perfect not to use.  Second of all I think this idea I’m about to write

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Why Do Stiff Ankles Cause “Knee In” or “Toe Out” During the Squat?

Hey guys, quick tip today.  I think most people understand that having poor ankle dorsiflexion motion can hinder their ability to hit a deep squat, particularly an overhead squat.  What I don’t

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3 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle-ups

Far and away one of the most challenging exercises in the fitness world is the muscle-up.  Given the complexity and challenge of the exercise some people end up getting themselves into hairy situations

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 1

I had the opportunity to have a long talk with Chad Vaughn (2x Olympian, Power Monkey Camp and Crossfit Weightlifting Coach) at the most recent Power Monkey Fitness Camp.  One point both Chad and I agreed

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FPF Podcast Episode 31: Diagnosing and Treating Running Injuries with Chris Johnson – Part 1

Join us today as I interview physical therapist and running specialist Chris Johnson.  Topics discussed are: 90% of runners run at 90% intensity, 90% of the time and 90% get injured – whoa

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