Fitness Pain Free Insiders Online Mentoring Program

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  • Learn exactly how I assess, treat and coach athletes
  • Monthly educational webinars (15-30 minutes long)
  • Additional EXCLUSIVE members only content (mobility checklists, expert interviews etc.)
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Monkey Method Movement Essentials 

Many people struggle with mobility to get into proper handstand, muscle up, and olympic lifting positions. Despite their efforts, it often times leads to a lack of progress, frustration or even injury.  Dr. Dave Tilley and Dr. Dan Pope have collaborated with world renowned coaches Dave Durante (Olympic gymnastics team member) and Chad Vaughn (2x Olympian in weightlifting) to show you the exact assessments and corrections to optimize your mobility for these movements.

  • Nearly 100 page PDF product
  • 5+ hours of lecture style assessment demonstration
  • 150+ videos of mobility corrections

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Fitness Pain Free Online Training Program

I’m a huge fan of training like a madman.  Getting a new big PR in the snatch, a new record on “Fran” or making it to the regionals are awesome goals.  Trouble is, training at a high level sometimes comes at the cost of getting hurt.  A lot of the most popular current training programs place little to no thought into preventing injury.  It’s a battle to see who can survive them.  If you survive you may succeed but many get hurt in the process.  As a physical therapist who regularly treats these athletes, I get to see where the training errors occur and where people break down.  Writing this programming is my way to help people reach high levels of performance in a safer, more intelligent way.

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