Monkey Method Movement Essentials 


Many people struggle to get into proper handstand, muscle up, and Olympic Lifting positions during their fitness training. Despite their effort and attempts at correcting these positions, it often times leads to a lack of process, frustration, or worse injury. As Doctors of Physical Therapy and former athlete of these fitness areas, Dan Pope and I have been on a mission to create a product that helps anyone interested in these skills increase their performance and reduce their injury risk. We put our brains together and worked with some of the best coaches we around like Olympic Gymnastics Team Member Dave Durante, 2x Olympian in Weightlifting Chad Vaughn, and numerous other national/collegiate coaches. After over a year of work, “Monkey Method: Movement Essentials” is finally here!

Our product is almost 100 page product, jam packed with over 150 exercise and assessment videos, all dedicated to the goal of helping you move and perform better during handstand, muscle up, and Olympic Lifting training.  We’re excited to offer this behemoth for $149

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