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Fitness Pain Free Online Training Program

I’m a huge fan of training like a madman. Getting a new big PR in the snatch, a new record on “Fran” or making it to the regionals are awesome goals. Trouble is, training at a high level sometimes comes at the cost of getting hurt. A lot of the most popular current training programs place little to no thought into preventing injury. It’s a battle to see who can survive them. If you survive you may succeed but many get hurt in the process. As a physical therapist who regularly treats these athletes, I get to see where the training errors occur and where people break down. Writing this programming is my way to help people reach high levels of performance in a safer, more intelligent way.

  • Perfect for individuals or affiliates
  • 6-day per week programming
  • Training fits into 1 hour session geared toward groups or individuals
  • Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength and met-con
  • Optional Competitor's Track for more competitive athletes
  • Warm-ups specific to workout of the day
  • Mobility specific to movements in the workout
  • Joint health accessory movements
  • Specific assessments for optimal positions in olympic lifts, handstands and muscle-ups

Monkey Method: Movement Essentials

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Fixing Technical Flaws in the Handstand, Muscle-up and Olympic Lifts

​Learn exactly how to assess and correct technical flaws in the olympic lifts, handstands and muscle-ups

  • What perfect technique should look like from world class coaches Dave Durante, Chad Vaughn and Mike Cerbus
  • ​Learn exactly where mobility limitations lie and provide the most efficient fix
  • How to determine the difference between mobility, strength and technique problems
  • 5 hours of in depth video assessment 
  • 100 pages of assessment explanation
  • 150+ videos of mobility corrections demonstrated and explained thoroughly

Online Course: Modifying Workouts for Athletes Who Have Pain

The Guide for Coaches, Trainers and Clinicians

Learn how to train your clients and athletes around pain with confidence

Dr. Dan Pope and Dr. Ryan Debell asked themselves an important question.  "What is the single most valuable lesson we can teach the fitness community."  Our conclusion:  

We know exactly how athletes NEED to modify their training when they are in pain so that they can not only rehabilitate but to ensure they aren't harming themselves further.  If coaches, athletes and clinicians are not addressing this problem then they simply aren't being effective.  

  • The only comprehensive approach for modifying workouts systematically
  • How do I modify workouts safely while still giving people enough challenge?
  • Exactly why people are hurting and how this knowledge can guide our modifications