Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Blades, Kipping and Powerful Monkeys – Podcast on The Movement Fix with Ryan Debell

Recently my good friend Ryan Debell over at interviewed me for his podcast.  Ryan and I have been friends and have worked together several times in the past and I was really excited to be on the show.  It gets a bit silly throughout but we do get down to some good topics:

In this episode:

  • Kipping pull ups – are they bad for the shoulder?
  • Why do toes to bar cause shoulder pain?
  • Inside Power Monkey Camp
  • Should you train to do more work or train for muscle fatigue?
  • Does it always make sense to do a movement the most efficient way possible?
  • Posterior shoulder impingement
  • Painful and pinchy front of the hips in a squat
  • and MUCH more

Click HERE to check it out:

Thanks again Ryan!


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