New Off-season FPF Training

Hey guys, next cycle of programming is now out for fitness pain free performance training.  This month’s goals and changes:

  • We’re progressing our strength work.  For the general population we’re doing more max effort work.  For the competitors we’re doing max effort work and then some extra volume at a reduced load.  Now is the time of the year to get strong.
  • Increased emphasis on olympic lifting for competitors / accessory work.  Our olympic lifting and accessory work is transitioning from more skill based to more max strength base.  We’ll testing our 1 rep maxes at the end of the month.
  • Gymnastics emphasis on strict strength, tempo and positional work.  We’re spending the next cycle really honing in on our gymnastics positions, building strength and stability in all portions of dips, muscle-ups, pull-ups and handstands
  • Introducing kipping.  The past several cycles have excluded much kipping work as a skill.  We’re been working basic hollow and arch positioning and are now ready to start putting those positions into practice on rings and the bar.
  • Accessory lifts now emphasize progress in major strength and olympic lifts.  The last several cycles had an emphasize on deloading common movement patterns (squat, hinge and overhead press) to give your joints and muscles a much needed rest period.  We spent a big chunk of our time working outside of the sagittal plane for the same reasons.  This cycle we’re shifting gears toward accessory exercises to help increase your major lifts and gymnastics.
  • Now is the time of the year where we really start pushing in the strength department.  This time of the year is exciting because we’ve been working on deloading and rebuilding a solid foundation over the past several cycles.  Now we get to see the fruit of our labors as our numbers start going up in the gym.  Get excited.  

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Hope to be working with you soon,

Dan Pope, DPT, CSCS, OCS, CF L1

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